About anita pantin

Videos, stage and costume design, but always painting
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  1. BC says:

    Great ! your website is up! I’m in an internet cafe and have to postpone looking .. but I’m really glad to see it .
    I’m back the end of January.

  2. Bill Meehan says:

    Hi Anita…Since the beginning of the week I have been seeing many of your images online
    but have only just now figured out how to send you a comment (I had forgotten that you had
    mentioned WordPress)…Some of your moving drawings make me think of the recent scientific confirmation of a large body of water on Enceladus-one of Saturn’s moons.
    The work has an organic quality that makes me think of the possible life that could be
    in that water….very nice.
    Bill…(from Fairway/the 1 train)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anita, Provocative art!

    …tearing and sharing pages from my books.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello Amanda!!!
    The tearing and sharing pages from your books is an art!,

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